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Image by Aviv Rachmadian


Meet the Owner,
Valarie Tutuh

Discover her journey and what inspired her to get into the world of Fashion.

Valarie Tutuh believes and has proven that YOU can be both/and. Both a mother and a career women. Both coloring in the lines and when necessary outside of them. Both an employee and an entrepreneur.  As an employee, she has extensive corporate sales experience. As an entrepreneur, she began her endeavors almost fifteen years ago as the co-owner of Ident-A-Kid franchise in Atlanta, GA. Her behind the scene focus on growth and customer service lead the company to be recognized for it’s success in Black Enterprise Magazine in 2009.  

After obtaining her Masters of Arts in Counseling, she begin a mobile mental health agency that provided in home therapeutical services in the greater Atlanta area. She currently owns Alchemy Executive Protection Agency, Inc. (AEPA). This is one of the few female and black owned security staffing agency in North Carolina that provides services both in the United States and globally to high-profile clients.

During the pandemic she began working part-time at a local retail store.  There she learned that something was missing in her and in the community which has become her home. It was at this job, that she inadvertently began her research into the world of retail. Valarie expanded her knowledge on the production of raw materials, sustainability, retail sales, fashion trends, etc.  She also recognized the personal satisfaction she gained from providing customer service in this space. More importantly she allowed herself to be herself! As the daughter of a preacher and a seamstress- Valarie’s humble beginnings laid the foundation to this new endeavor. 

At the end of the day, Valarie unapologetically admits that her most important role has been parenting her two favorite people in the entire world. 

Valarie desires to create a space at TUTUH that is welcoming to all! Where there is no limit on size, gender, race, laughs (yes laughter) and of course no limit on style!  TUTUH will be the Premier Triad fashion destination. We will embody all aspects of fashion with a focus on professional clothing. 

Come By and Discover the Classic, Timeless, Limitless- YOU!

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